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    1. Expat worden

      ... but it is of course a necessary expense if you are to become an expat. That said, there are some ways to reduce the cost of air travel. ... applicable on any goods you may be taking with you. Yes, becoming an expat takes planning and research, but by following the handy steps ...

    2. Voelt u zich eenzaam in het buitenland?

      ... yourself why you moved Change can be scary, but being an expat is a wonderful opportunity. Embracing the move you made is a key step ... of loneliness while living in a new place. Becoming an Expat This document serves only as a reference and is intended ...


      ... is its practicality – a HIIT routine allows you to follow an effective workout in a few minutes, at home or anywhere you are, and using ... market for fitness professionals seems to be expanding and becoming more competitive, leading to an increasing interest for some degree of ...


      ... there’s no need to be afraid. More than ever, people are becoming globally mobile individuals, moving from one country to another for ... country can be complicated. In many cases, expats opt for an international health insurance plan that can ease much of the stress; attend ...

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