Terms and Conditions

T&Cs - Exclusive March Offer 2024

Cigna behoudt zich het recht voor om een promotie te allen tijde zonder voorafgaande kennisgeving te wijzigen of in te trekken. Cigna Global health insurance policies sold between 01/03/24 and 31/03/24 and which are paid annually in full (rather than monthly or quarterly) may be eligible for a discount of up to 20% for the lifetime of the policy. The 20% discount encompasses an initial 10% discount applied as standard, to policies which are paid annually in full, as well as an additional 10% discount. Policies where the total premium is equal to or greater than $10k will receive a free additional Health & Wellbeing module, which equates to an additional discount of between 4% and 6% depending on the value of the policy.

The additional 10% discount may only be applied by telesales/broker support agents, following an initial online quote, and cannot be applied in conjunction with any other offer.

Only Global Individual policies are eligible for the 20% discount (Cigna Global Health Options, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Close Care cover). A minimum purchase value of $2k for policies based in Europe is applicable. Policies based in the rest of the world require a minimum purchase value of $3k to be eligible. Equivalent values for Europe are £1.600 and 1.900 Euros. Equivalent values for the rest of the world are £2.400 and 2.800 Euros. $10k free health & wellbeing equivalents are £7.900 and 9.300 Euros.