International Health Insurance in Austria

Austria is considered among the most liveable countries in the world. With its rich history, clean air, and stunning natural environment, Austria is a land of opportunity matched by an excellent quality of life.

The country also has a fantastic education system and easy travel links making it a favourite among expats from all over the world.

Those working in Austria are automatically enrolled into the public healthcare system. However, if you’re self-employed, a student, or you’d simply prefer a more personal and convenient healthcare experience, getting private medical insurance in Austria could be a more suitable option. Find out more below.

How does the healthcare system work in Austria?

Having healthcare insurance is mandatory in Austria. Paid public healthcare insurance is provided to citizens and expats by the government, along with pension and accident insurance. Free Austrian health insurance is only offered to the unemployed, including pensioners, and those on low income. Funding for the national healthcare system is collected through taxes and insurance e-cards are provided as proof of access.

Once you begin working in Austria, your employer will automatically sign you up to make social contributions, and you will be registered with a public provider. If you’re self-employed or a student, the choice is yours whether you want to access private healthcare or register with the public system.

Even if you’re signed up for public access, additional medical insurance can be used to supplement your regular cover and give you more tailored and convenient benefits.


Pros and cons of using Austria's local healthcare system


  • Automatic enrolment – you don’t have to set up the cover yourself.
  • Free healthcare if you’re unemployed or on low-income.
  • Family members, spouses and dependents could also be covered through ‘co-insurance’.

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  • You cannot choose your healthcare provider – they are automatically assigned.
  • You still must make additional payments for your e-card, prescriptions, aids, dentures, and other medical equipment.
  • Less flexibility for appointments and choice of healthcare professionals.

How can international health insurance help you in Austria?

Although Austria offers public health insurance, you may find that getting international health insurance is a better option. There’s usually much more flexibility and better benefits on offer with private insurance. Plus, you can get greater peace of mind in knowing that your needs will be met.

As public medical insurance in Austria isn’t free to most, why not use your contributions to fund a more suitable and high-quality private policy instead?

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Why choose Cigna Healthcare for health insurance in Austria?

  • We have over 35 years of experience in offering healthcare services.
  • Access medical support in over 200 countries – we have over 1.5m expert health professionals across the globe.
  • Get 24/7 access to multilingual service centres.
  • We’re not just concerned with physical wellbeing; we also provide services dedicated to improving mental health.

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Anyone who stays in Austria for longer than six months is considered to be a resident and therefore must have valid healthcare insurance. If you plan to stay in the country as a student for less than six months, you must obtain travel health insurance.

Medical insurance in Austria generally covers doctor visits, hospital stays and a range of treatments. If you were to access private Austria health insurance, you could use these services and more with added flexibility and convenience.

If you need to access medical treatment while in Austria, simply get in touch with our Customer Care Team . We’ll organise your treatment plan and offer you tailored guidance and support. You can also make and track claims via the members portal.