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International Health Insurance in Costa Rica

A land of natural beauty, tropical beaches and vibrant culture, Costa Rica is a haven for expats. Whether you’re working remotely, studying or wanting to spend your retirement among the picturesque landscape, Costa Rica is proving to be an increasingly popular place to live.

Health Insurance in Costa Rica is necessary for expats, as there is a charge to use the public healthcare system.

With Cigna Healthcare, we remove the hassle associated with arranging medical cover.
Read on to find out more on Costa Rica’s healthcare system, and how we can help you get cover with a package to suit your needs.

How does the healthcare system work in Costa Rica?

Free public healthcare in Costa Rica is reserved for emergency situations only. Most of its citizens and expats need to pay for their own medical costs. The Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social (CCSS) provided by the government is a public sector security fund that you pay into. Payments are relative to your income – those who earn more, pay more.

You’re required to sign up for this when applying to live in the country. This could mean contributions of around 7-11% of your income. This still applies to pensions and savings. There are also coverage options through the private sector too.


Pros and cons of using Costa Rica's local healthcare system


  • Affordable for most people in paid employment.
  • Income-based for those who earn less.
  • Provides 100% coverage for all health practices.


  • Can face long wait times.
  • Extensive services often face long queues.
  • Can involve detailed paperwork and form filling for medical support.

How can international health insurance help you in Costa Rica?

Private health insurance can help you navigate the bureaucracy of Costa Rica’s government-led social medical care. Publicly accessible healthcare usually involves cumbersome and painstakingly detailed paperwork. With medical coverage, your paperwork and administration are handled by your provider.

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Why choose Cigna Healthcare for health insurance in Costa Rica?

  • 24/7 support for mind and body – It’s not just physical, we also place great importance on mental health. Living away from home can cause homesickness and lead to you feeling down. We provide round the clock care in case this happens.
  • Large coverage – Our wide coverage ensures that you get medical treatment throughout the whole country.
  • Flexibility – A plan that’s fits for your personal needs.
  • Access interactive tools – anywhere, anytime.

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Contact our Customer Care Team whenever you need medical attention and we’ll tell you where you need to go, and what to do. This saves you the hassle of doing it yourself.

You can add the International Vision & Dental package as an additional option to your Cigna Healthcare private medical insurance in Costa Rica.

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